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ISO has two class of members:

  • Full Members

  • Associate members

  • Supportive members.

Full members are the one with voting rights and needs to be appointed by the board, reviewing their Curriculum and under the request of an actual Full Member of the organization.

Associate Members are the managers of ISO. They do not have right to vote and can work with ISO.  They are nominated by the board and they are the maximum expert on their matters.

Supportive Members are all the athletes and coaches that would like to be a part of ISO, would like to follow the courses and be involved in the ISO activities. Supportive members are not eligible to be in the board and without voting rights.

Supportive members will receive:

- Letter of recognition

- Membership certificate

- Discount code for the courses

Supportive members will also have a lot of opportunities, can share their news and be involved in ISO activities, having the possibility to be inserted in the list of the recognized coaches.

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