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The EQF is an 8-level, learning outcomes-based framework for all types of qualifications that serves as a translation tool between different national qualifications frameworks. This framework helps improve transparency, comparability and portability of people’s qualifications and makes it possible to compare qualifications from different countries and institutions.

The EQF covers all types and all levels of qualifications and the use of learning outcomes makes it clear what a person knows, understands and is able to do. The level increases according to the level of proficiency, level 1 is the lowest and 8 the highest level. Most importantly the EQF is closely linked to national qualifications frameworks, this way it can provide a comprehensive map of all types and levels of qualifications in Europe, which are increasingly accessible through qualification databases.

EQF Assessment: Bio

How to assess your skills

ISO regulations and principles are based on art. 165 TFUE and on European Union’s acquis (general legislation and recommendations combined with best practices developed inside the framework of European Programmes such as Erasmus Plus and LIFE), but also on the European Qualifications Framework EQF, ECVET, ESCO tools, Europass etc

ISO certification methods comply with the level descriptors of the European Qualification Framework.

ISO will receive your CV and all the qualifications you have reached during your carrers, reviewing your past experience and assess them, if needed integrating them, in order to issue your EQF level assesment.

What to do:

- prepare your CV

- collect your certificate

- pay the fees so you will erceive the assesment module

- send the assesment module and the above mentioned docs to our email

- wait our feedback

EQF Assessment: Testo
EQF Assessment: Product Gallery
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