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Behaviour Analysis Expert

Behaviour Analysis Expert

Module 1 - 210 Hours: Facial micro-expression analysis
This module confers the facial micro-expression Analyst Diploma
Module 2 - 210 Hours: Body language
This module confers the body-language Specialist Diploma

Module 3 - 210 Hours: Verbal communication
This module confers the verbal communication Analysis Diploma

Module 4 - 210 Hours: Profiling
This module confers the Profiling specialist certificate
Module 5 - 210 Hours: Graphology
This module confers the handwriting analysis Certificate
Module 6 - 210 Hours: Observation techniques and asking question skills
This module confers a Diploma on observation techniques and asking question skills

  • Specification

    60 CFA

    Full Online Course

    1500 Hours

    As specified in the international Framework, each point stands for 25 study hours organized into videolectures, teaching material, face-to-face seminars and hours dedicated to study individually.

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