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Health Lifestyle and Nutrition Advisor

Health Lifestyle and Nutrition Advisor

Module 1: Chemistry and biochemistry - 150 Hours
Module 2: Anatomy and physiology of the digestive system - 50 Hours
Module 3: Myology and physiology of physical exercise - 150 Hours
Module 4: Principles of nutrition and feeding - 200 Hours
Module 5: Energy requirements and use of nutrients - 200 Hours
Module 6A: Feeding and clinical nutrition - 500 Hours
Module 6B: Nutrition of the developmental age - 500 Hours
Module 6C: Food and nutrition in sport - 500 Hours
Module 6D: Food and nutrition in aging - 500 Hours
Module 6E: Eating disorders - 500 Hours

  • Specification

    60 CFA

    Full Online Course

    1500 Hours

    As specified in the international Framework, each point stands for 25 study hours organized into videolectures, teaching material, face-to-face seminars and hours dedicated to study individually.

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