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Sport and Sustainability International Teams Up with ISO and ISNO

Sport and Sustainability International Teams Up with International Sport Network Organization and International Sport Organization to Further Organize and Mobilize the Global Sustainability Movement

May 14, 2021 - Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with International Sport Network Organization (ISNO) and International Sport Organization (ISO).

ISNO is a not-for-profit Swiss based organization dedicated to supporting its members with sport projects, multisport events and sport management consultation. Also a not-for-profit based in Switzerland, ISO is an organization that specializes in sport education, bionatural and physical disciplines as well as coaching certification and training.

The newly formed partnership promises to drive awareness of the priorities and initiatives that each organization is committed to improving and developing for their respective members and networks, as well as for the betterment of the overall global sport community.

“We are delighted to be partnering with ISNO and ISO and we look forward to leveraging our collective resources as we strive to drive awareness of the sustainability issues we are all facing today,” says Philippe Duperrex, SandSI Secretary-General. “We believe this partnership will accelerate the strides that each of our organizations are making, in collaboration with our members and networks, towards developing a more inclusive and sustainable environment for all sports, athletes, fans and communities to enjoy worldwide.

“SandSI is one of the major organizations committed to sustainability and to driving the awareness of sustainability in sports. Thanks to them, we are sure that our network will grant a high increase in terms of sustainability and opportunity to growth. We definitely believe that this partnership is a milestone for our organization” says Anita Pariani, president of ISNO.

“Sustainability is a number one priority for us, and SandSI is the best partner that we can have on this topic” says Marco Tomasini, general secretary of ISO. “ we strongly believe that cross events and studies are the number one priority for us and this partnership will allow us to provide better opportunities for all of our stakeholders.”

Driven by the common values shared by each organization, SandSI, ISNO and ISO are committed to working together to develop sport for all, ensuring wellness and physical activity is accessible to all individuals and communities globally, across all levels of play.

About Sport and Sustainability International ( Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI) is a non-for-profit Swiss association with headquarters based in Lausanne. Founded in 2017, SandSI seeks to accelerate sustainability in and through sport, aligning its activities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A global membership organisation, SandSI’s current membership is comprised of sport and non-sport entities as well as individuals representing 40+ countries, across all continents.

Media Contact for SandSI:

About International Sport Network Organization (ISNO) (

International Sport Network Organization (ISNO) is a non-profit organization composed by organizations, based in Switzerland aiming to assist its members around the world.

ISNO is the official European representation of GAAPSF.

The categories of the member are:

● International Member

● Continental Member

● National Member

● Club / Local Member

Media Contact for ISNO:

About International Sport Organization (ISO) (

International Sport Organization (ISO) is a non-profit organization composed by individual members based in Switzerland aiming to develop sports, education programs and certifications, Mind Motivator courses, Bionatural disciplines, Fitness and Fit Active educator courses. We are the official European branch of the World Sports University. We are also involved in environmental protection using sports and creating ad hoc figures. Media Contact for ISO:

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